I have been using WordPress since 2005 (I first tried it in 2003) and over the years I have had occasion to create a number of plugins for WordPress for a variety of purposes – some for my own blog and others for other blogs. The plugins that seem to garner the most attention are Similarity (the first plugin I wrote from scratch), Best-Of Comments (allowing bloggers to pick comments they wish to highlight), and Auto Schedule Posts (which helps bloggers write when the inspiration hits while ensuring that posts aren’t published in spurts – it’s also very helpful on multi-author blogs).

With the release of WordPress 3.0 and the ability to have multiple blogs in a single WordPress install I consolidated all my family blogs into one install of WordPress. I then decided that I would have a site that was strictly for my plugins. The reason for this was that I no longer actively use all the plugins I have developed. Having this site strictly for the development, maintenance and distribution of my plugins will give me a place to use each of my plugins and test them against new releases of WordPress without constraining my personal site by forcing me to install the plugins there even if they no longer fit what I am doing.

Here each plugin will have its own page instead of being a post and the blog will be essentially meaningless except as a way to test that the plugins are acting correctly in the latest version of WordPress. Comments will be open on each of these pages so that I can still get and respond to feedback from users.