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The Auto Schedule Posts plugin manages posting on a blog so that no matter how fast posts are added they only show up according to the auto schedule parameters. Blog owners can set the plugin to only post during certain hours, on certain days, and/or maintain a minimum time period between posts. Eventually I plan to have an option so that would enforce a posting schedule (such as only posting on the half hour) where a missed time holds all posts until the next scheduled time rather than simply ensuring a minimum time gap.

There is a priority setting when selecting posts to publish which only affects multi-author blogs – Selecting “Least Recent Author” creates something of a round robin when there are multiple posts ready for publication the author who has published the least recently is selected. The “Oldest Unpublished Post” setting simply chooses the first unpublished post (by post ID) that is ready for publication without regard to author. There are also options to pick a random post from the queue or a random post from the least recent author.

Latest Version 3.6 (February 6, 2013)

  • The custom post status is registered with WordPress so that posts queued for automatic publishing can be seen and edited in the WordPress Posts admin area.
  • This version updates the deactivation function so that scheduled posts functionally become orphans. Previously deactivation would result in scheduled posts staying in the database but with a post status that would not show up anywhere in the WordPress Admin interface. The new deactivation function changes the status of scheduled posts to “draft” so that they can be handled as the author sees fit after the plugin has been deactivated.
  • New function to “Publish All” on the settings page – each queued post is published.
  • New function to “Delete This” on the settings page. Individual posts may be deleted without having to go to the post administration page.
  • This has been tested in WordPress 3.5.1

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  1. melanie says:

    Hi David,
    I know you’re not really working on this any more, but I did try the other plugin that you recommended to someone else that is similar to this, but for what I want, yours is far better.
    I’m using an RSS aggregator plugin, to automatically create posts, from the product of almost three hundred rss feeds. I don’t want all of them to become posts, so I’ve set up your plugin to post them periodically. But, there are way more items posted each day than I want to become live posts, so I would really love to be able to delete all unposted auto-scheduled posts just before my rss plugin goes and fetches the next batch each day. Do you have any ideas on how I could do this? I’ve looked at some that delete posts, but they seem to refer only to the standard post statuses, not the auto-schedule posts.
    I have Crontrol installed, so I can set the times for each of these cron controlled things to happen in the right sequence, so that isn’t an issue. Just being to delete all un-published, auto-schedule posts.
    I hope you can help me.

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