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As of WordPress 4.3 the interface to mark comments as “best-of” no longer works. Comments already marked as best-of should still show up but managing the best of list is broken. I have no indication that there is a user base for this that would justify my time trying to make it work with 4.3 (I don’t even use the plugin anymore). If someone wanted to maintain the plugin I would be willing to turn it over to them.

Have you ever wanted to share your favorite comments on the front page of your site? I’m not talking about the most recent comments, or the most frequent contributors, but the best comments (most funny, most thoughtful, most appropriate, most rash – whatever your criteria may be). Now you can.

Best-Of Comments allows anyone with the ability to edit comments to mark a comment as “featured” and then featured comments will be randomly selected and displayed anywhere you choose to place the php call to best_of_comments(). You can select how comments are displayed, how many to display, and how much of a comment to display (if comments are longer than the specified word length they contain a link back to the original comment). In the future you will have the ability to limit how far in the past to look for featured comments.

Latest Version 1.2 (December 15, 2009)

Discovered a function call that allowed other plugins which alter the content to possibly interfere with the display of featured comments.

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