For those who wish to help others but who have limited means to do so Kiva provides an opportunity to give a little (as little as $25) and help people around the world who have business plans to lift themselves up economically. Loans from individuals get pooled as necessary to fund people. I have been very impressed with this system that allows people to help others by using small means to make great things happen.

I was very happy to take the opportunity to take the code written by Connor Boyack and turn it into the Kiva plugin for WordPress so that people can raise the visibility of Kiva by displaying loans in the fundraising stage with a link to donate.

version 1.1 (2/10/2009)
More options over which loans to show

Latest Version 1.2 (2/27/2009)
You can now use a text widget with the shortcode SHOW-KIVA (enclosed in square brackets – []) to display the Kiva plugin in a widgetized sidebar.

Options include:

  • Number of posts to show.
  • Display format for loan list – Image only displays the image for each loan linked to the donation page, Both displays the image and text information, Text only displays name(linked to the donation page), business, country, and fundraising level/goal for the loan.
  • Gender – you can restrict to only show loans for men or loans for women.
  • Region – you can show loans only in one of 7 geographic regions.
  • Sector – you can only show certain types of loans such as retail or agriculture.

To install it simply unzip the file linked above and save it in your plugins directory under wp-content. In the plugin manager activate the plugin. Settings for the plugin may be altered under the Kiva page of the Options menu (version 2.3) or Settings menu (version 2.5 or later). Place the call show_kiva(); anywhere in your page templates or use [ SHOW-KIVA] in a text widget.

3 Responses to Kiva

  1. Erik says:

    Hi! Thanks for your Kiva support!

    When I use the shortcode, it dominates the page 🙁

    I would like to write an intro “hi, etc etc” and below that have the kiva donations show up.

    Is there a way to do this?



  2. Erik says:

    Also, is there a way to dynamically change the list of donations? What we want to do is to make donations on behalf of people that buy from our Fair Trade store and then display these donations on their page.

    Again, thanks,


    • David says:

      Is the shortcode showing the Kiva data or is it broken. Some sites are not set up to render shortcodes correctly. I need to know if that is what is happening. I know that shortcodes have some rendering quirks but I have no control over that. If the shortcode is not working I can try to help with that but if the issue is that you can’t do an intro that is out of my hands. A workaround would be to put the intro in one text widget and then put the shortcode in a text widget below that.

      As for the dynamic list of donations – I imagine that it could be done but it would probably be a lot of work to make it happen. I don’t anticipate having the time to do that.

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